Sunday, 28 August 2011

Getting to Edinburgh from Perth - via Dundee!

I had hoped that I would be able to go to the Scottish Bead Fair, held in Perth this month. However, I wasn't too optimistic as I do live in London! However, my family and I had booked to go to Edinburgh festival for a week and this coincided with the Bead Fair! My Dad drove us all to Perth. We got a little lost and I was a bit later than I'd hoped. I wanted to do a class I'd seen on the Bead Shop Edinburgh website. I turned up to it 10 minutes late, without a place booked. The class was fully booked but one person hadn't turned up so the lovely Jen let me join! I managed to catch up pretty well and make this beautiful birds nest necklace. I had my first taste of chainmaille.

Owl bead by Louise Nelson
I was very pleased. While I was at the class my family drove back to Edinburgh to pick up my brother and his fiancĂ© at the airport. I browsed around the fair and bought a few lovely pieces including my first chainmaille bracelet kit from Beadsisters and some beautiful glass beads from Louise Nelson. They are absolutely gorgeous beads, I do recommend checking her website out.

So all in all I had a lovely day. Until I tried to get back to Edinburgh and found out that you can't get straight to Edinburgh from Perth! I ended up having to go via Dundee! What with all the connections it took me three hours to get back! But I'm glad I hadn't known that to start with as I would not have gone and I would have missed out on a fabulous day.

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