Sunday, 22 May 2011

Craft Central - studio open house

Sarah Herriott designs
Thanks to Handmade by Emily, I found out about Made in Clerkenwell, an event being run at Craft Central. As it is located so close to my work I decided to go along on Friday after work. I'm very glad I did. Craft Central 'provides secure and professional workspace in a unique central London location from which makers can base their business.' They had two buildings open to the public and I really enjoyed climbing the stairs and wandering into the studio spaces. You didn't know quite what you'd find - jewellery, photography, scarves, toys, ceramics - all sorts of beautiful handmade things. I really enjoyed speaking to the designers and asking them about their experiences. It was inspiring for me, just starting out in my jewellery designing career,  and everyone was very warm and positive.

Kate Jones beautiful knitwear          
In the 'Made in Clerkenwell' corner shop I found Made in the Highlands showcasing the work of six makers who live in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. This was fantastic for me and I enjoyed talking to the dedicated staff. Every now and then I look seriously at moving to the Highlands. It is fantastic to know that there are people dedicated to to helping crafters market and sell their work. It is a long term goal of mine to be one of their jewellers.

Note - I had to make a change to this post 18/6/11 as one of the images disappeared so I changed it for another image

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