Sunday, 8 May 2011

Learning to enamel

The Washington at the B&B
Ever since I discovered silver clay I have wanted to add colour. I love enamelled pieces, from football badges to intricate brooches. I have used coloured resins and I did like them but I do like the effect of real enamel.
When I saw that Joy Funnell (whose work I wrote about here) did one to one days tailor-made I decided to go for it.

Joy is based in Hastings so I had the excuse to book myself into a rather lovely B&B called the White House. I had the Washington room which is pictured here.

My pieces ready to go in the kiln
 Joy's husband kindly picked me up from my B&B and then Joy and I were off! In the morning Joy taught me how to make silver clay pieces ready to be enamelled using deep textures, recesses and the enamelled accents technique to create a cloisenne effect. We ate a quick sandwich and fired the pieces, moving on to grinding up the enamels, painting them on and firing.
I made two large pendants using all the enamelling techniques and then used liver of sulphur to patinate them. I am really pleased with both pieces but more importantly I feel confident now that I am able to have a go myself. I have a long shopping list of kit that I need!

Star enamel pendant
Back of star enamel pendant

Butterfly pendant with cloisenne-effect green bits!

Back of butterfly pendant with patina

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