Thursday, 19 May 2011

Crafty Magazines - checking out Mollies Makes

There's been a lot of chat on twitter and blogs in the last few days about a new craft magazine called Mollies Makes. As a bit of a magazine fan I decided to take a look. Issue 1 came out in the UK on 12th May, with some people saying that shops are already out of stock. I managed to find a copy in a Hobbycraft and decided to give it a go. I don't normally buy general craft magazines, preferring ones that are more specific to my crafts. However, I have set up a subscription for this one as I was impressed, even though there wasn't much jewellery. I love the quality of it and it's photos. I also love the house/workspace features. I love home magazines and their features are especially good because it features people making and buying handmade things for their own homes. And with a five pound subscription for the next three issues - I feel that's a bargain!

Other magazines that I subscribe to

I adore Metal Clay Artist magazine. Silver clay is my main medium and it is great to be able to read a whole magazine devoted to it. The projects are clear and the artist interviews are very inspiring. This magazine features the work of Joy Funnell on the front cover and the recipe for sterling silver clay. What more could you want?!
Also, the free online magazine Metal Clay Today which has some great resources, interviews and competitions. I'm yet to enter one of their competitions but I'm planning to soon!

My final subscription is Making Jewellery magazine, not to be confused with Make Jewellery magazine! I like Making Jewellery because it usually has a metal clay project as well as other beading projects. I still do some beading from time to time and I do find this magazine quite inspirational.

The non-crafty magazines I subscribe to are Psychologies and Easy Living.
Hmm. Perhaps I do have a bit of a magazine problem!

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