Friday, 8 April 2011

Pledging to buy handmade

I have this in turquoise, from 7071 design

 I have read some very interesting and thought-provoking blog posts recently about the benefits and joys of buying handmade items. I would recommend the mindful spending posts on the fantastic Scoutie Girl blog.
Serotonin necklace from molecularmuse

I particularly love the idea of creative tithing, choosing to spend a percentage of your income each month on handmade and/or locally produced items. This idea really spoke to me because I can see the benefit to the artist and to me. The artist has the thrill of knowing that someone valued their design and work enough to invest in it which does wonders for self confidence; I know having perfect strangers buy my jewellery on Etsy has always made my day. 

And of course, as a buyer, I love having beautiful things that have been hand made and not manufactured.

Feather necklace from MijuandYou
So I have made a point of buying something handmade each month. I don't tend to have an amount of money in mind as I suppose the tithing idea would suggest, I just buy something I love. 

Here are a few images of things that I've bought from talented designers over the last few months.

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