Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day two, Intermediate Metal Clay course

Carved earrings, leaf charm and ring from day one
Today we made a bezel for a stone set pendant. It's not my kind of thing really! It hasn't gone well. We made our own texture from an eraser (the type that you stick on the end of a pencil), that was easy to do and effective. The bezel part was just annoying! And ended up going through the clay so I had to make another piece to stick the bezel in. Hopefully it will fire OK.
We also chose a glittery glass cabochon to make into a pendant. I always pick blue! I can't help it. We made the pendant and I learnt how to catch the glass with clay so that it will stay on and also how to fire silver and glass. That was something new and I was glad to get a chance to try that out.
We also learnt how to weave PMC paper clay. I was looking forward to learning this and then made a very basic error, cutting my paper clay the wrong way. This meant that I had loads less than everyone else. Undeterred I went for a complicated twill weaving pattern! I think it looks good. We have to make them into earrings but I can see them making great pendants. I'll have to order some of that to have a go at home.
I am not happy with my carved earrings. I'm definitely going to have to do them again unfortunately. Luckily my friend Ali, who is also on the course, has brought her kiln with her! So hopefully I can get her to fire them for me.
Bezel set pendant before kiln firing
Resin and silver charm

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