Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day three, Intermediate Silver Metal Clay Course

Ring, resin charm, domed earrings, leaf charm, bezel set pendant
The final day of the intermediate course. Sandra and I arrived at about 9.10 and got started straight away. There was a lot of finishing to do! Everything had come out of the kiln OK which was a relief!
I spent a lot of time on my bezel set stone pendant. I really don't like it! But at least it passed in the end. I had to raise the stone up slightly with copper wire to get it to sit right - such a nightmare! Took three attempts! It polished up pretty well and is slightly reminiscent of a peacock feather which was the plan. I don't think I'll be doing a bezel setting again!
We had to make some domed earrings which was done by laying the clay over ping pong balls. I used a cuttlefish as a texture and I was quite pleased with it but unfortunately it didn't pass because the texture on the two earrings are so different. I then had a nightmare when drilling them, the hole is not in the right place. So I suspect I will be using the holes to hang beads from! Or fixing them and firing them again. I think I might make them into pendants. So, I have to make those earrings again.
There was a lot of more traditional silver smithing today. We made our own jump rings and soldered them. I hadn't been looking forward to this because I have done a silver smithing evening class and found this difficult to get to grips with. Luckily this went better today and I managed to solder the jump ring on the second attempt (the first one melted!).

Things I am pleased to have learnt on this course (and that I will probably do again!)

Making silver pieces with a recess to set resin in
Doming silver
Using and firing glass cabochons in silver
Making my own rubber stamps
Making and soldering jump rings
Weaving with paper silver clay
Practiced making a ring (I've done this before and mostly don't bother but might try it again with sterling silver clay)

Pieces I am most pleased with

The resin charm
Silver band ring
Cabochon glass pendant
Weaved silver clay earrings

Par beach
Sandra and I went to Par beach at the end of the day to find things for our 'found texture' that we need tomorrow. It's been a lovely week in Cornwall but I have had my head down and haven't been able to relax and enjoy it yet!

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