Friday, 25 March 2011

Day four, Advanced Metal Clay diploma level 3

What we're making over the next two days!
After a lot of thought I decided to do the level 3 directly after the level 2. This was primarily because of the travel time and costs. It takes about 5 hours to travel from the jewellery school to my home on a week day and at least an hour longer on a Sunday. It also costs about  90 pounds. However, from my experience, I think I would probably recommend that people do those levels at separate times. I went into the level 3 not yet having passed level 2. I had two pairs of earrings that had to be made again and three pairs of earring wires to make.
So I did feel a little behind going into day four and a little worried about the increase in complexity. At this level we are making two brooches, three pairs of earrings and a box bead. There are also some techniques that we will be learning including clasp making, soldering and chain making. I am looking forward to seeing how to use keum boo (adding gold leaf to silver clay) and correctly using liver of sulphur. I've tried a bit at home and it wasn't too successful! And it really smells!
We are making a triangular box bead. It's a tricky thing because it has to be exactly the right proportions to fix together later. It's also very easy to break one of the pieces so I made two extra just in case! I was a bit anxious about the maths element to this. We had to be very accurate with measuring and I didn't feel confident with this.
We made basic earrings with a shallow texture for keum boo tomorrow. Also a brooch with a mirror finish. I avoid mirror finishes wherever possible! You have to be able to see your face in it with no marks. It is not easy with clay because you get all manner of marks, fluff etc in it. Unfortunately mine did not look promising when it had dried. I'll just have to see how it comes out of the kiln.
We carved another eraser texture for a brooch. I carved a doodle pattern that I have done on bits of paper for years! I think it's come out OK. I like carving textures.
We also made stud earrings from a silicone mould of a shell. I am hopeful about these! And more domed earrings over light bulbs with a carved texture in. A busy day!
I had the visit of my Mum and Dad to look forward to in the evening. They had decided to come to Cornwall for the night to have dinner with me which was lovely of them.

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