Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day five, Advanced Metal Clay course

The final day and I knew that I had a lot to do. Sandra and I got in for about 9.10 again and I started building my box bead. I'd been worried about it but I quite enjoyed it once it was mostly secure! I will make one again. In fact, I may have to because it didn't pass! My sides are too close to the edge. I had wanted to fire it anyway but Julia recommended I take it home to see if I could make it work.
We had a lot to do today and I learnt loads of new techniques. I soldered three jump rings I'd made into a chain. I was very pleased with this as I have previously done a silversmithing course and really didn't get to grips with soldering. I also made a necklace clasp first time.
My earrings were a bit of a triumph this time! I love the shell mould stud earrings. The posts stayed in and didn't need re-firing which was a relief. They look great, a good size. I enjoyed the keum boo and the liver of sulphur made the gold I added really pop out. The gold painted dome earrings that I had done two coats on yesterday look OK too.
The brooches were a bit of a disaster. My mirror finish is definitely not a mirror! I have to make a whole new brooch. The soldering of the brooch pin on the textured brooch didn't go well. I got one side down and then it came off again when I tried to solder the other side. Unfortunately I need to do that in front of Julia so I won't be able to complete this level for a while as I'm not booked in for the level 4 yet.  It's disappointing but at least I have the opportunity to work on some of these things at home. Plus, I probably couldn't do the soldering of the brooch pin on my own anyway!
I finished what I could and then packed away to get my train at 5.07. Unfortunately the B&B people forgot they had agreed to pick me up! Luckily I made it just in time for the train home.
It was a tiring week. I really only had about 20 minutes break a day and there is a lot of concentrating to be done. However, I am really pleased that I have done the course. I think I could do everything myself (other than the brooch soldering) and I now really feel I can start doing some design as I have a lot of great techniques under my belt.

Success isn't an event. Success is a process. And the only failure is quitting. Robin Sharma

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