Sunday, 27 February 2011

Trying out a BNR!

Licorice allsorts necklace
I've had a very busy weekend of jewellery making with beads. I had a great commission from a colleague at work to make a licorice allsort necklace, earrings and a love hearts necklace and earrings. 
I love the chain of the love hearts necklace, it's the heart link silver chain I bought at Hatton Garden this week.
Love Hearts silver necklace

I am also in a BNR for the first time! BNR stands for Buy 'N Replace (or buy now replace). Basically, there is a page of sixteen shops on Etsy. If you buy something from one of those sixteen shops you replace the shop you buy from. It is a good idea as many people who make handmade items like to buy them. I bought a brooch I had my eye on anyway from 7071 designs.

So, I bought in on Saturday and then started making more items. We managed to photograph them this morning with the help of some rare sunlight! And then I was able to list nine new pieces (it was a very busy Saturday!). I sold this silver leaf bracelet within about an hour of listing it! And interestingly not because of the BNR. So I'm still in.

Green leaf silver charm bracelet


  1. I adore this bracelet ! March is so expensive for us but fingers crossed .

  2. This bracelet has been popular but I'm struggling to get more of the leaf charms :(
    I'll keep persevering


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