Thursday, 3 February 2011

Decisions decisions

Vintage owl brooch - I'm not feeling so wise today!
I had planned to go down to four days a week in my 'main job' in the next academic year. However, as the only earner in my household it's difficult to lose the steady income, even if it's only a fifth of it. Also, as I work in the UK university sector where funding is under threat, it's a gamble to give up well paid work. But right now I have two jobs, a full time one and four hours of evening class teaching. It doesn't leave a lot of time and head space for jewellery designing. So, I am in this quandary. And I'm not a good decision maker! I don't believe in star signs but I'm such a Libra!
Anyway. After much thought I have put forward to teach half the Psychology that I'm currently teaching but I have added some jewellery making classes and a class called 'Social Media for artists and crafters'. The Mary Ward centre currently doesn't offer Silver Clay classes even though they have other jewellery making classes so I'm hopeful that they will if they can timetable it.
I've also got in touch with another jewellery school and they seem interested in giving me some teaching hours there so watch this space! I figure if all of these things come off I'll be in a better position to cut my full time hours.
Let me know your thoughts. What would you do? Is now the time to cut my hours and concentrate on jewellery making or should I think of my mortgage?


  1. go for it. You will regret it if you don't.

  2. Thanks liveotherwise! I'll keep you posted


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