Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My jewellery education 2011

I do like to think all my options through and so have spent a lot of time thinking about how best to complete my Higher Metal Clay Diploma, mostly at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. The diploma is made up of the following seven parts

Art Clay level 1
Art Clay level 2
Introduction to Bronze and Copper Clay
Grade 1 Metal Clay for beginners
Grade 2 Metal Clay Intermediate Skills
Grade 3 Metal Clay Advanced
Grade 4 Metal Clay Design and Construction

There is an alternate grade 4 class called 'Teaching Metal Clay Effectively'. I have no doubt that I would learn from this but as a qualified teacher with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in the Post Compulsory and Training sector I already have a higher qualification. Plus I have ten years experience as a teacher. I feel the design and construction module is going to be a lot more challenging for me and so I have decided to do that.

I have already completed my Art Clay Level 1 at the London Jewellery School so only 6 courses to go! I plan to complete my Art Clay level 2 at the LJS at the end of 2011 and this will be my final course on the diploma. The rest of the qualification I will take in Par in Cornwall. The diploma in Metal Clay is made up of four levels which can be taken together as an intensive course. I have decided not to do this. I would rather have the practice time in between the levels and, although my travel costs will be increased, MCSJ make it cheaper to take the levels at different times. I had wanted to do level 1 and 2 together however, I am unable to take level 2 at the same time as I have been denied the holiday because it is a busy time at work.
So, I aim to have completed the diploma by December 2011.

I also plan to do an evening class in enamelling at LJS. The kiln I bought has a window for enamelling work and I plan to incorporate enamelling in my silver clay work.

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