Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A kiln of my own!

I am very excited in anticipation of the arrival of my kiln!
I bought a Paragon SC2 with window and bead door.
I thought about getting one when I was on the Art Clay level 1 course as you need to prove that you have one (or access to one) to do the level 2 certificate. I asked for advice while on the course on the best type to buy. Having looked into it, this does seem to be the best one for what I want. I decided to get the visible window and bead door in case I get into enamelling. You can buy doors separately so can get the original kiln and change the door later if you want to. When I looked, it wasn't that much more to get it with the door anyway so I thought I would go for it all in one go.
I hope it will arrive before the weekend!

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